Saturday , January 18 2020

Enviromental protection in Germany

Enviromental protection is important to many people in Germany. For that reason the “Umweltbundesamt” the federal bureau for environment, and the “Bundesamt für Naturschutz” federal bureau for environmental protection and many other state institutions exist as well as many associations and organizations and single people which work to protect the environment.

Official institutions like the federal bureau for environment and the federal bureau for environmental protection work on keeping the rivers and lakes clear of poisonous substances or keeping the air clean of smoke and pollution.

Associations often work in a more narrow approach, caring about one or two specific things. For example bird protection associations. Those associations build bird boxes and place them, or they count how many birds of one kind still exist, to know if that specific kind of bird needs better protection.

Enviromental protection means in Germany more than just protection nature, it also means economic use of resources. That is the reason why separation of garbage and recycling exists in Germany. Biowaste can be converted into compost, metals and plastic can be melted down.

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